Using Social Media to Improve SEO

Offsite SEO
Social Media is a powerful tool when used the right way.

Why Social Media Matters

At a glance, social media is a popular way to talk to friends and interact with the world. A majority of modern folks have used some form of social media in their day, be it Facebook or a small forum for expecting mothers that live on farms. Social media brings people together to share ideas and stories. These sites can be valuable tools for spreading awareness of your website or garnering community interaction, which both drive traffic back to your content. Social media is a small part of offsite SEO, but an important one. Here are some ways you can leverage social media to improve your site’s SEO.

Choose your Weapon

Every social media site will not suite every website. If you run a personal blog, you may just use your personal social accounts to show off your site. If you are marketing a business website, you will want accounts for your business specifically. Next up, choose which sites you want to work from. There are a few obvious contenders, which I will now list and explain:


It’s where everyone is and where everyone wishes they weren’t. On a more serious note, Facebook is where you’ll want to go if you want to get your site link to a lot of people from a lot of backgrounds. The way Facebook organizes groups and pages is a nifty way to let your readers or consumers interact with you and each other, so if you are looking for more than just exposure, consider this popular site.


If you are a blogger, you are probably a writer. And if you are a writer, Twitter is a lovely place to say something clever and tell your following about that new post you wrote. It is really easy to link to websites on Twitter and a lot of people use Twitter daily. Plus, it is fairly easy to let your readers interact with you personally here. If you like the idea of keeping up a certain “image” and posting short, frequent updates, Twitter will work for you.


If your website, blog, or business is a visual one, and you have a decent camera or some time for graphics, Instagram could be a great way to let people see what your site has to offer. Links are conveniently posted, but images are king on Instagram. Only put the time in if your site really lends itself to the visual medium well.


Tumblr is already a platform of micro-blogs, so bloggers and the like will fit right in here. A great way to use Tumblr is to post your thoughts and post your blogs as you write them. Visuals are always popular, and interaction is a thing of its own. The clientele tends to be more artsy, so if your bog, site, or business would fit in, this could be a place to spend your time.

Remember that you don’t need to have a strong presence on every social site. Pick one or two that really fit your goals and focus your time and energy on making great profiles where it will count, instead of having sub par profiles on sites that don’t fit your brand.

What to Do, What to Do

So, what exactly should you beĀ doing on these sites? To generate backlinks to your website, there are a few things you can do on social media:

Beef up your Bio

Whether you are using a business account or a personal one, put a link to your website in your bio. Not all social media sites have a dedicated account bio, but for those that do, include a link in the “about me” or the “website” part of your social profile. If people see your posts and want to know more, they will find a helpful link to your site! Don’t forget to include other interesting information in your bio to make it even prettier.

Keep your Followers Updated

Post on social media whenever you update your website so people know to go check it out. It is usually very easy to post a link to your new post, which creates a backlink for every post you make. Plus, it encourages readership for people who check social media consistently but don’t have an RSS feed for your site set up.

Encourage Community

This varies based on the social site you use, but make your social media profiles a place for community, interaction, and conversation. Post more than just your recent articles. Make it a point to ask your followers questions or share interesting anecdotes or articles other people wrote that are relevant to your account. Get people responding to your posts and to each other, so that when you do post a link to your site they will be willing and interested in clicking. If no one enjoys your social presence, they won’t be around to see the links that you do post.

Be Consistent

However you run your social media profiles, be consistent in how often you post and the kind of content you post. That isn’t to say post the exact same thing every day at exactly 3:15. Just keep a fairly constant posting schedule so your followers can depend on you and trust your content. Even ten minutes a day dedicated to posting, linking, or interacting can make your social presence powerful.

For the Social Media “Experts,” Hold a Contest

Nothing gets people clicking like the chance to win something. If your website has a specialty or your business has a particularly desirable product, hold a sweepstakes. Have entrants comment on one of your site posts or subscribe to your site to be entered, and you have just majorly increased links back to your site.

If you start with these social media basics, your site will benefit from increased backlinks, readership, and interaction. Social media is an easy, inexpensive way to naturally market your business or blog. Knowing where to start and putting in the effort is half the battle.

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