Programmatic Media Optimization Techniques

Programmatic Media Optimization Techniques Bring Your Media Buys into the Twenty-First Century
Programmatic Media Optimization Techniques Bring Your Media Buys into the Twenty-First Century

Programmatic Media Optimization is the New Normal

The days of sending a telegram to your media buyer across town in order to snatch up an advertisement on the nifty new periodical are quickly becoming a thing of the past. OK, maybe that is not how traditional media buys were done, but the truth is that programmatic media buying is becoming the new normal for businesses looking to advertise online. Programmatic media buying is purchasing advertising space automatically instead of personally contacting the individuals who own online ad space. Platforms likeĀ Google AdWords allow users to automatically bid on ad space on websites and mobile apps via real-time auctions. Marketers are able to set up a campaign and run ads all over the web without ever speaking to a site publisher. Here are some techniques you should use to optimize your programmatic purchases.

Techniques for Optimizing your Programmatic Media

Here are some programmatic media optimization techniques that will help you efficiently purchase and analyze online advertising. I will be focusing on some big-picture techniques, so I encourage anyone reading to do more research on the nitty-gritty of the following techniques.

1. Get Comfortable with a Programmatic Marketing Platform

You will need to start by determining who you want to reach online and where they can be reached. As mentioned above, Google AdWords is a popular choice for programmatic marketing because it allows businesses to reach a wide variety of people. There are options to advertise within the Google search engine, on various websites, in mobile apps, on videos, and more. For more targeting power, or an easy start, try AdWords.

Another option to consider when choosing where to buy online ads is Bing Ads. Bing Ads is especially useful if you are looking to target older people, who tend to use Bing and Yahoo more frequently. Bing Ads also has an option to import Google AdWords campaigns. It may be more efficient to use AdWords to create a comprehensive campaign and import it into Bing Ads.

For even more potential places to buy online ad space, check out this list of alternatives on PPC Hero.

2. Plan Well

It is rarely a good idea to dive head first into an online campaign without considering what you want from it and what you expect to do. This includes planning a budget, targeting goals, and campaign schedule. Figure out who you want to reach with your ads and how that person thinks. This will determine where, when, and how you advertise.

Consult your finance team to agree on an advertising budget. Keep in mind that online ads can be paid for in several different ways, including Cost Per Click, Cost Per Impression, and Cost Per Acquisition. These formats will only charge you when you have a user click on your ad, how often your ad is shown, and how many users are converted by your ad. In addition, programmatic advertising primarily uses auctions to buy ad space. Your budget should reflect the demand for the space on the websites you want to buy, or else you risk never winning an auction and never spending a dime on ads.

3. Listen to the Data

The beauty of programmatic media buying is the ability to analyze data quickly and change your campaign accordingly. That’s where the “optimization” piece comes in. Use the data analysis tools in your programmatic platform of choice and observe what is working and what is failing in your campaign. Don’t be afraid to change something that isn’t working. Flexibility is what successful ad campaigns are made of.

Here are some of Google’s tips for optimizing your campaign to get you started.

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