Skills Digital Marketing Students Should Have

Take the time to learn skills that will enhance your Digital Marketing degree.

Skills Pay the Bills

As a digital marketing student approaching graduation, I have spent a few years finding classes and planning schedules that will optimize the level of difficulty, efficiency, and usefulness of my college degree. It can be tempting to choose classes that sound easy and ignore courses outside of business school. However, there are some practical skills that in digital marketing degree programs or those pursuing marketing jobs should learn.

Digital Design

Even if you do not plan on being a graphic designer, a background in digital design can round out your resume and boost your projects in school and at work. If you are required to fulfill an art requirement, look for classes in digital design, Adobe, or graphic design. A working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign will help you improve school projects, especially the dreaded business school group presentation. You may be surprised how often internships or entry-level jobs will have a need for basic digital design, even if there is a graphic designer on staff. Plus, digital design skills can be helpful for student organizations, volunteer work, family gatherings, and other corners of your life.


Since the advent of Web 2.0, you may think that marketers will never have to lay eyes on lines of code. In actuality, web design, key word optimization, and email marketing often require an understanding of programming to truly customize your work. See if your school offers a basic programming, HTML, or web design class that teaches programming foundations. You don’t have to be a master coder to edit web pages and emails, but knowing the basics will make it easier to learn relevant programming needs in an internship or job.


No, performance does not mean you have to star in your college’s production of Hamlet to be a good digital marketer. What it does mean is having practice presenting and speaking in front of an audience. This could mean taking a public speaking course, joining the debate team, or taking an improv class. In fact, your degree may already require public speaking or presentation classes. Be sure to get practice being a confident presenter, however that manifests in your class schedule.


It doesn’t take much to boost your digital marketing degree or potential. A few classes, a little extra work, and you will be a useful addition to any marketing team. Happy learning!