Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs


Michigan digital marketing degree programs train future marketers to work in online advertising.
Several Michigan colleges offer Digital Marketing degree programs, concentrations, or classes.

Michigan Digital Marketing Degree Programs

In Michigan, some schools are beginning to offer Digital Marketing programs to current and future students. These programs are aimed at training students on traditional marketing techniques and how they can be applied to the digital sphere, alongside online marketing skills. If you are someone looking for a Michigan digital marketing degree program, keep reading for information on which schools offer these majors or related classes.

Where to Find Digital Marketing Programs?

Several colleges in Michigan offer digital marketing degree programs, marketing degrees with digital concentrations, or digital marketing classes. Here are a few of the colleges with digital marketing programs:

  • The University of Michigan – Dearborn: Digital Marketing Major
  • Western Michigan University: eBusiness Marketing Major
  • Eastern Michigan University: MBA with Specialization in E-Business
  • Ferris State University: Marketing concentration in E-Commerce

Considering how important digital marketing is in business today, it is surprising that more schools do not offer a digital marketing degree. The program I belong to at UMD does a great job of combining traditional marketing concepts and new technology. There are several classes that dive into specific digital marketing spheres, instead of one all-encompassing course. If your college does not offer a digital marketing major, see if they offer classes that focus on online business. Or, go online and find courses that you could take to round out your education. You may not be in a Michigan digital marketing degree program, but you can still gain valuable skills for advertising online.

If your college does not offer a digital marketing degree, consider contacting those in charge to develop a digital marketing major for future students. You may not be able to benefit from that degree, but future students will be grateful!


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