Where Digital meets Tangible

Welcome to The Digitally Analog!

You may be strolling through this site wondering what on earth it means to be digitally analog, and what that has to do with digital marketing.

In short, I am someone who loves old tools and creative outlets that are physical, tangible, and real. I prefer writing in fountain pen to typing up notes, for example. I believe that the realness that comes from holding a good pen is analogous with the realness that makes up the human spirit. Our minds, the way they work, the way people interact and react is as real and analog as it gets.

When I approach digital marketing at school and at work, I strive to understand the human experience through the ways I reach people online. The digital realm may not be “real,” but the people that use it are genuine and tangible. Digital Marketing is the marriage of the human experience and the digital realm. That is what I mean when I talk about that which is digitally analog.

I take my digital marketing seriously! But I also take my experience as a human being seriously. Hopefully that comes across as this site grows and develops.

End Transmission.

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