AdWords Campaigns for Local Businesses

AdWords: A Useful Tool for Developing Small Businesses

Small, local businesses are at the heart of the American economy. Sometimes, it can be difficult to reach the kind of consumers you need with a small business budget. AdWords campaigns can help local businesses reach their goals through online marketing campaigns.

AdWords is a Google property that allows users to plan online and mobile marketing campaigns. Users can purchase search result ads and website ads across the internet. Knowing how to use AdWords is a great way to meet certain business goals.

Developing a Business Goal

The basis for using AdWords is creating and running campaigns. There are several types of campaigns that can help local businesses achieve different goals. The first step to choosing a campaign is determining what your business goals are. Some business goals may include:

  • Reach – You want to let more potential consumers that you are a business they could purchase from
  • Increasing Sales – You want to drive consumers to buy products or services online or in store
  • Brand Awareness – You want people to know your name and what you are about
  • Targeting – You want to reach a specific group of people with information on your business

If you don’t know what your goal is right away, ask yourself this question: what do I want to accomplish with this campaign? Keep in mind, you can’t have everything with a campaign, so start with one clear, specific goal per campaign. Once you know what your business’s goals are, you can consider an AdWords campaign that would help reach your goal.

AdWords Campaigns

AdWords gives users the ability to choose between six campaign types. For small businesses, it is prudent to focus on the most universal campaign types: Search Network with Display Select, Search Network only, and Display Network only. Once your local business becomes an AdWords expert, feel free to take a look at the other campaigns they offer.

These three campaign types revolve around two advertising networks that you can use to reach potential consumers. The first is the Search Network. The Search Network shows internet users paid results that relate to their Google search. So, if a user searches “cat” on Google, the first few results may be ads for a cat food brand and a pet adoption website. Companies bid in auctions for these positions on the results of specific search terms.

The second advertising network is the Display Network. The Display Network shows users ads on various websites. Think of the traditional banner ads and side-bar ads that adorn your favorite news site. Just like in the Search Network, companies bid for their ad to be shown on relevant web pages and sites.

With that in mind, the AdWords Campaigns are as follows:

  • Search Network only – Your ads will only appear as paid search results for the keywords you choose to target
  • Display Network only – Your ads will only appear on relevant websites and web pages that match the kind of users you wish to target
  • Search Network with Display Select – Ads will primarily appear as search results, with some ads appearing on particularly relevant websites

Which Campaign is Right for Your Business?

So, which of these campaigns should your local business use to advertise online? Consider the business goal you have for your campaign and think about how each of these advertising networks would help you reach that goal. If you want to increase brand awareness or reach, Search Network with Display Select will reach the most people in both search results and on websites. If you want to increase sales, consider creating a Search Network only campaign focused on advertising to users searching terms related to what you sell. Should you want to target a specific group of potential consumers, a Display Network only campaign will allow you to advertise to certain consumers on the websites they love.

With a little thought and a basic understanding of Google AdWords, you can reach your business goals on a small business budget. Happy Advertising!


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